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My 3 Words for 2015

January 1, 2015 Leave a comment

I use 3 words to define how I set my year, and have been doing so since 2012.

Here are the 3 words I chose for 2015:

My 3 Words for 2015

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My 3 Words for 2013

January 7, 2013 5 comments
Chris Brogan's 2010 Words

Three words driving Chris Brogan through the start of 2010. Creative Commons photo courtesy of topgold.

I have never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. But last year I did something different after learning about what Chris Brogan does.

I chose three words — Passion, Challenge, Connect — and used them as a way to frame my year. I am doing the same this year.


Follow “it,” whatever “it” is: Dreams, opportunities, success. Don’t let them slip away, never to come back. Keep on track, and do it consistently.

That is pursuit, and that is what I need.


Sometimes, in my personal life, I start a task or project and then I don’t finish it. I get disinterested and move onto the next task or project. I want that behavior to stop.

I want to pick up a task or project and see it to fruition. I want to revel in the feeling of a job done, and done well.

And I also want to demonstrate my commitment to being a better husband, a better friend, a better person.


This word has a couple of meanings, but the one that I’m most interested in is create content. I want to get back to blogging regularly here and at my food blog.

I also want to create works of fiction. In the past, fiction writing has been a very sporadic activity. Now I want it to be something I put more effort into, something that I set aside dedicated time for, even if it’s only every other week.

The same goes for other types of content I want to create: Paintings (acrylics and non), social (Storify) and more.

Bring it, 2013

If I can harness pursuit, commitment and create this year, I know it will be a very good year.

What are your three words for this year?

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Crushing My Cycling Checklist

August 31, 2012 3 comments

My Trek 1500 road bike

A couple of years ago, I got back into cycling.

In fact, it was the Tour de France that hooked me back (and I wrote a blog post about that).

But this year I have taken my cycling passion to new heights.

1,000 miles

My goal for 2012 was to bike 1,000 miles on the open road. As of today, I have 1,049.

Yes, I’ve surpassed my goal — and there are still four months left in this year. It’s time to really crush it.

(Last year, in comparison, I had about 660.)

New top speed

My 2012 cycling goal: 1,000 road miles. Today I hit 1,003. BOOM! #CrushIt #bikeschool

My odometer the day I hit 1,000 miles.

Although I haven’t focused a ton on speed intervals, I have mapped out a few short courses near my home and focused on speed.

One course is just about 9.5 miles long, and I rode it twice last week. Each time I got a new fastest time — 19.2 mph the first time and 19.3 mph the second time.

Century ride

One more thing that I’d like to accomplish — I’m waiting for the beginning of fall and for slightly cooler temperatures — is a century ride, or 100 miles in a day.

I had planned out a day in early May to do it and, as luck would have it, severe thunderstorms came that day instead. So I’ve rescheduled for the fall sometime.

Cycling in 2013

My big goal for next year is to complete the Wisconsin Triple Crown. In May is the Arcadia’s Brute Challenge, in June is the Kickapoo Kicker, and in August is the Dairyland Dare.

I want to successfully complete the triple crown and claim my jersey, which means I’ll have to bike 50K-100K-100K at the least. (In miles, that’s about 31-62-62.)

Here’s to achieving my goals!

What goals have you crossed off your list this year?

My 3 Words for 2012, Mid-Year Review

July 2, 2012 1 comment

My Trek 1500 road bike.

2013 is half-way here. That means it’s time to take a breath and evaluate. What I plan on evaluating are My 3 Words for 2012.

As a reminder, these three words are championed by Chris Brogan in an effort to frame how you want to live your life in the next year.


I’ve focused on passion in some areas well, but not so in others. I’ve stepped up my cycling training (684 of my goal of 1,000 road miles at the end of June), but I’ve neglected this blog as well as my food blog.

What I need to do: Re-prioritize. Make sure I find the time to accomplish my goals.


I’ve done a few things to challenge myself, but I know I can do more.

I’ve tried to create some good footage for YouTube videos and hope to edit my first video this year. In addition, I’ve taken a challenge to learn coding, delved deeper into Google Analytics and initiated more social media campaigns.

What I need to do: I think I’ve gotten off to a good start with this word, but I need to keep doing so and maybe find some other ways to challenge myself (see embedded tweet below).


This one is easy to dissect. I have continued to make connections online in many different social networks.

What I need to do: Take it offline. Find the time and way to meet people in person to strengthen relationships (see embedded tweet above).

When Time and Goals Intersect

June 25, 2012 1 comment
Goals, Goals, Goals

Creative Commons photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

Goals. We all have them. It’s usually just a matter of finding the time to complete them. But what happens when time and goals intersect?

Time takes precedence

When time takes precedence, your goals go unfulfilled.

Maybe that means it’s time to re-evaluate your goals. Break them down into smaller goals or scratch those goals altogether. Maybe it means that you need to re-prioritize your goals.

Whatever the case, it’s time to evaluate.

Goals take precedence

You’re completing your goals — that’s great — but at what cost? Time goes by the wayside, which means suffering through not enough leisure time.

It’s time to ponder your plate and whether there’s too much on it. Maybe it’s time for a break or time to move some goals to the backburner.

Worst course of action

What’s the worst thing you can do? Fail to realize how your time and your goals intersect. If you don’t, you won’t be able to evaluate how you are performing your goals and how it’s affecting your time.

Find your priorities

This is the conundrum I have faced in recent weeks: The intersection of time and goals.

My main two goals are blogging here weekly on Mondays and riding 1,000 road cycling miles this year. My cycling goal has taken precedence over time, which has taken precedence over my blogging goal.

But I’m passionate about blogging, and that’s why I’m re-evaluating how time and my goals intersect. I’m hoping my goals take more precedence in the near future.

Patience is Overrated

May 14, 2012 1 comment

Creative Commons photo courtesy of gemb1

Patience is a virtue.

Or so I’ve been told all my life. But sometimes, well, it isn’t. Sometimes patience is overrated.

There are some situations where you need to be patient and let events unfold.

But then there are other times, times when you could be patient and let things happen. Or you could step up, take control and let patience wait for you.

The key is to know the difference, to know which situation you are in. Should you wait or should you take the reins?

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Turning Bad Days Into Good Ones

March 5, 2012 Leave a comment
138/365 Frustrated.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of martinak15

You wake up late, you spill your coffee, you have too much to do at work.

You’re having a bad day.

If you’re like me, this means you’ll feel that frustration, that tension, boil up. But do you know what that does? Nothing.

What that does is make sure that you focus on every little thing that does not go your way. It makes your day go from bad to worse. It’s a snowballing effect, with small negative things balling up and getting bigger and bigger, collecting other small negative things along the way.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead don’t let those small negative things take over your day. Yes, bad things happen, and they happen in small packages frequently. That’s no excuse.

When those negative things happen, it puts you on the defensive. Then you’re just reacting to every little thing that happens afterward.

Instead, go on the offensive. Take the day ahead of you and crush it. Don’t give those negative little things a chance to take hold. Give them a chance to run and hide.

If you do that, your bad day will soon be a good one.

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