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Emergence of Apps as Second Screen for Video Games

iFruit app

Training your dog, Chop, on the Grand Theft Auto V iFruit app.

When it comes to video games, developers and studios always seem to be a step ahead in the social media sphere.

And video game companies are taking that to heart as they develop original game content for the intended platforms as well as original content and functions for the apps that tie in with the game and provide a deeper level of gaming.

Enhanced gameplay

This is more than just a second screen for video games. Indeed, in some instances, it’s really a way to continue playing the game while you’re not able to play the game.

So what do I mean by that?

iFruit app

Modding your cars on the Grand Theft Auto V iFruit app.

Take, for instance, the iFruit app from Rockstar Games, maker of Grand Theft Auto V. In the game, one of the characters has a dog. On the app, you can train your dog, teach it new tricks and more, and that pays off in the game by enabling the dog to better assist the character during missions.

Not only that, but the iFruit app allows gamers to mod out their vehicles while they’re away from the game so that they can come back and have a pimped-out ride.

Satisfying side missions

Likewise, in another large video game franchise, gamers can use the app for Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag to interact with the in-game map and with Kenway’s Fleet, a series of side missions that allow the gamer to collect more rewards in cargo and currency.

It’s a nice way to keep gamers playing the game even when they can’t actually play the game. (Especially since it’s a little difficult to lug around an entire console.)

Other uses, too

Then there’s games like Beyond Two Souls, and in the Beyond Touch app, Sony has allowed the use of the app to act as the controller.

It doesn’t really provide a second screen experience, but it does show that game apps can be more than just instructions or a wiki guide.

Added value

These apps add more than just a way for game developers to continue to have their name out there. These apps actually allow the gamers to continue their game when not at home, and deepen the gaming experience by providing a way to continue to add to the game.

More and more, apps are becoming the second screen for video games.

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