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Customer Service Case Study: Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's(UPDATE: 10:22 a.m. 4/1/13 below)

Yes, I have a food blog, and yes, that means I love to cook at home a lot.

But sometimes I’m tired and worn out and just want a quick meal without work. So I rely on a few nearby restaurants.

Jimmy John’s is one of them. And, after the service they gave us when we ordered from them last week, they won’t be included any more.

Freaky fail

The bad service started when my wife called our order in. The employee did not ask her how she wanted to pay. My wife had to call back to pay by credit card. The employee did not say “Thank you” or “Bye”; she simply hung up.

We have called this particular Jimmy John’s location to place an order before, and sometimes we have our food within 10 or 15 minutes. Freaky fast, indeed.

A long, long wait

But this time was different. In fact, my wife placed the order just before an NCAA March Madness game tipped off. By the time the game had reached halftime (20 minutes of game time plus multiple play stoppages), we still did not have our food.

After waiting for 45 minutes for our food, my wife went to call back Jimmy John’s to complain. Just as she was placing the call, the delivery driver called to inquire about directions. He was close but on the wrong side of a main road. And, for some reason, he thought he was delivering to a business.

We thought this was odd considering we have ordered before and had no hiccups in delivery service.

After we pointed the driver in the correct direction, he arrived about 10 to 15 minutes later. Considering where he said he was when he called, it should not have taken more than 5.

The trouble with money

When the driver arrived, the receipt said $3.62 instead of $11.50, which is what our order cost. We thought that was Jimmy John’s giving us a discount for their service.

My wife signed the receipt and sent the driver on his way.

No sooner had she set the food on the counter when the doorbell rang again.

It was the driver, and he said that the order had been rung up incorrectly and that we owed more money. After a bit of back and forth, my wife signed the receipt for $11.50.

If a restaurant undercharges a customer by accident, and the customer signs the receipt, shouldn’t the business should absorb the undercharged amount? We think so, yet the driver insisted we pay the full $11.50.

Managing expectations?

After all of this, my wife called the store and spoke with the manager. He said the service was not good because he had new employees, and he would speak with them about their performance.

What we expected was for the manager to say he would charge us just the $3.62 or some other similar recompense.

She also emailed a complaint to the corporate email account. We have not heard back yet, but I will update this post if we do.

(UPDATE 1): Jimmy John’s called my wife in regards to her corporate complaint and will be sending us a $15 gift card and said the service we received was not on par with what they strive to achieve. We appreciate that.

Sound off: Have you ever had customer service so bad that you stopped buying from that business?

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