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Crushing My Cycling Checklist

My Trek 1500 road bike

A couple of years ago, I got back into cycling.

In fact, it was the Tour de France that hooked me back (and I wrote a blog post about that).

But this year I have taken my cycling passion to new heights.

1,000 miles

My goal for 2012 was to bike 1,000 miles on the open road. As of today, I have 1,049.

Yes, I’ve surpassed my goal — and there are still four months left in this year. It’s time to really crush it.

(Last year, in comparison, I had about 660.)

New top speed

My 2012 cycling goal: 1,000 road miles. Today I hit 1,003. BOOM! #CrushIt #bikeschool

My odometer the day I hit 1,000 miles.

Although I haven’t focused a ton on speed intervals, I have mapped out a few short courses near my home and focused on speed.

One course is just about 9.5 miles long, and I rode it twice last week. Each time I got a new fastest time — 19.2 mph the first time and 19.3 mph the second time.

Century ride

One more thing that I’d like to accomplish — I’m waiting for the beginning of fall and for slightly cooler temperatures — is a century ride, or 100 miles in a day.

I had planned out a day in early May to do it and, as luck would have it, severe thunderstorms came that day instead. So I’ve rescheduled for the fall sometime.

Cycling in 2013

My big goal for next year is to complete the Wisconsin Triple Crown. In May is the Arcadia’s Brute Challenge, in June is the Kickapoo Kicker, and in August is the Dairyland Dare.

I want to successfully complete the triple crown and claim my jersey, which means I’ll have to bike 50K-100K-100K at the least. (In miles, that’s about 31-62-62.)

Here’s to achieving my goals!

What goals have you crossed off your list this year?

  1. August 31, 2012 at 9:07 am

    Dan, your drive and passion are totally inspiring to me. I love reading along on dailymile and watching your mileage go up and up. Congrats on an already amazing year, and good luck over the next four months in crushing it!

  2. September 6, 2012 at 3:47 pm

    Whoa, that’s a big goal for 2013! Haven’t done any of those rides myself but I have done the Horribly Hilly Hundreds starting out of Blue Mounds. FWIW, my advice would be to do some rides, parts of the courses if you can, out in the driftless area (that’s where they all are right?) beforehand if at all possible. Those hills aren’t like anything we have in this area.

    • September 7, 2012 at 4:45 pm

      Yeah, I’m hoping to get some rides in out west that way, Joe. I would like to get there once or twice this fall, but I’m not sure I will find the time.

      But next spring I hope to do at least 4 or 5 rides out in more hilly areas just to get my legs acclimated.

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