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When Time and Goals Intersect

Goals, Goals, Goals

Creative Commons photo courtesy of lululemon athletica

Goals. We all have them. It’s usually just a matter of finding the time to complete them. But what happens when time and goals intersect?

Time takes precedence

When time takes precedence, your goals go unfulfilled.

Maybe that means it’s time to re-evaluate your goals. Break them down into smaller goals or scratch those goals altogether. Maybe it means that you need to re-prioritize your goals.

Whatever the case, it’s time to evaluate.

Goals take precedence

You’re completing your goals — that’s great — but at what cost? Time goes by the wayside, which means suffering through not enough leisure time.

It’s time to ponder your plate and whether there’s too much on it. Maybe it’s time for a break or time to move some goals to the backburner.

Worst course of action

What’s the worst thing you can do? Fail to realize how your time and your goals intersect. If you don’t, you won’t be able to evaluate how you are performing your goals and how it’s affecting your time.

Find your priorities

This is the conundrum I have faced in recent weeks: The intersection of time and goals.

My main two goals are blogging here weekly on Mondays and riding 1,000 road cycling miles this year. My cycling goal has taken precedence over time, which has taken precedence over my blogging goal.

But I’m passionate about blogging, and that’s why I’m re-evaluating how time and my goals intersect. I’m hoping my goals take more precedence in the near future.

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