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Thoughts on Instagram from an Android User

A beautiful April morning in Wisconsin.

I’ve been an Instagram user for almost two weeks now. And what a great couple of weeks it’s been. (All photos included in this post are mine. And you can peruse my Instagram set on Flickr.)

I had used another photo service before Instagram came to Android, but I really wasn’t a huge user or fan of it. It had filters, social sharing and other features that Instagram has.

But there’s one thing that was missing.


The Instagram community is hard to not notice, and from my experience, it’s what separates it from other social photo services.

Rear-view self-portrait.

I love exploring the Popular section on the Android app, and how the company interacts with its users. Those efforts include a roundup of photos on the company blog as well as the Weekend Hashtag Project.

For the Weekend Hashtag Project, Instagram posts a photo and a hashtag and explains what users can do to participate. Some photos will be featured in a blog post on Mondays. This weekend (as I’m writing), the project was #vacantplaces, which sought to capture places that were empty but are typically full of people.

I have still explored only a portion of Instagram, I’m sure, but noticing these community efforts already sets it apart from others.

April moon.

Facebook purchase

It would be tough to mention Instagram without mentioning Facebook. I know the user base is split on the purchase decision, but I’m withholding judgment.

I post my photos to Facebook already, so that part doesn’t upset me. What I’m curious about is what plans Facebook has for the future. As long as the user experience is similar to what it is now, I’ll be fine.

Comment spam

In my time on Instagram, the biggest drawback I’ve seen is with comment spam. I’ve posted 20-something photos and already had spam comments on two or three of them. Add to that the countless posts from other users that have been saddled with spam and there’s a bit of concern for Instagram.

A great community, waiting for more on the Facebook integration and comment spam. Those are the thoughts that have struck me about Instagram so far.

Your turn: Are you an Instagram user? Follow me by searching for “polleydan.”

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