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How March Madness is Like a Social Media Campaign

The Big Board at Grand Central Station

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Marianne O'Leary

March is one of my favorite sports times of the year, because that means it’s time to fill out my brackets, bust chops with my friends and watch a game or two (or more).

But as I sat down for 2012, I started thinking about brackets and social media campaigns. And, really, there’s a lot of commonalities.

So as you watch the rest of the NCAA Tournament, remember how filling out your bracket can be applied to your next social media campaign.

You need clearly defined and measurable goals

In your bracket, you have a goal: Win it (and, presumably, the money and glory that come with it).

In your campaign, you need to have a goal to achieve. Do you want more followers or likes? Do you want more conversions to purchases? Whatever it is, define it and make sure you can measure it.

You need to see your progress

Sure, winning the bracket is the most important thing. But also important is making sure you can track your progress. You do that by adding up your points in each round of the bracket.

Likewise in your campaign, you should be able to see the measurements as customers track through it. If you campaign is searching for new likes or followers, this step doesn’t apply.

But if you’re looking for a boost in your e-commerce purchases, you can measure the bounce rates or other statistics. That will give you a good indication of how your campaign is going before it ends.

You face lots of competition

The fun part of the bracket is playing with your friends, ribbing them for their picks. At the same time, those friends are your competition. They are what stand in your way between a victory and a defeat.

With your campaign, you’ll face other social media noise, so you need to make sure your efforts are well thought out and distinctive enough to attract fans and customers.

You have to make good choices

The way to win your bracket is to make good choices. Make sure you have those Final 4 teams going that far. Did you accurately predict the national champion? You have a leg up on your competition.

Your campaign will excel if your choices are fundamental and based off of good intuitions and necessary homework. Those are the foundations that will make your campaign successful.

You have to take risks

Those first-round upsets, those top seeds underperforming. If you pick those accurately, you’ll be scoring maximum points, a sure sign that a win is in progress.

Your campaign needs risks, too. Without them, you’ll finish only in the middle of the pack. But by thinking creatively and using insights from past campaigns, you can take some risks and have them pay off.

  1. March 19, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Great post! As a big college basketball fan, this was a great way to look at social media. Very clever and effective. Keep it up!

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