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Why Facebook Timeline is Great for Pages

The cover photo and a bit more for my A Duo of Chefs Facebook Timeline page.


March 30 is coming, and if you haven’t switched your Facebook page over to Timeline, you better think about doing so soon.

But before you do, consider why the move to Timeline will be a great new opportunity for pages.

A fresh opportunity

The one thing I love about social networks making changes is that it forces you to rethink and re-evaluate your goals and how you achieve them. Timeline for Pages is no different.

Now that the way customers and users see your page is different, you have to understand how the things you do on your page impact them.

From the visuals to the seeming dismissal of like-gating, the change in user experience will be drastic, and if you don’t keep that in mind, your page growth will be stunted. And that’s not a great way to attract fans.

Thinking visually

Yes, visuals will play a huge role in pages. It’s not just that there’s now a huge cover photo for a stunning visit to the page, it’s that that is included with a list of other visual upgrades.

Apps now have an icon to direct users. That the top 4 of those are included in the page introduction, as it were, showcases how visuals must be the No. 1 thing to consider when upgrading to Timeline.

In addition, photos uploaded as status updates have been enlarged, and being able to pin or mark those posts as milestones offers a huge incentive for pages to focus on their visual design.

Plus, for fans, the placement of their friends who also like that page are displayed prominently under the cover photo and app photos. Before, their names were displayed, but the feature is more pronounced in Timeline. That could lead to more fan conversions for pages.

Other fun, too

I’d be remiss to not include messaging, which was not an option before. Now pages can have more personal interactions with their fans. This is one feature I’ve been waiting for because it make it easier to communicate if you need to do so.

Another reason I love Timeline for pages is because features are more prominent. I’ve discussed some of this already, but also more prominent are the page likes.

The drop-down admin panel is another upgrade. No long will you be diverted to a different page. Stay on the page and view updates to notifications and likes. Get a quick peak at your insights and do it all in one small space.

Facebook has changed the way pages interact with their fans, and it’s a great thing, if you keep these things in mind and focus on optimizing the page.

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