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A Call for Hashtag Reform

No matter where you look to on Twitter, hashtags are there. Heck, you can even find them on Google+ now, too.

They are the glue that help bind together tweets on specific topics, and they’re used in many other ways.

But, I’m sorry to say, it’s time for some reform.

There are many ways to reform them, but I’m seeking just two. Those reforms are about hashtag stuffing and hashtag capitalization.

Stuffing full of hashtags

We all know those tweeps: People or businesses that stuff as many hashtags into a tweet as possible. It’s almost the gamification of hashtags.

You can put 4 hashtags into a tweet? Ha! I can stuff in 7.

It doesn’t work. If a hashtag makes sense, use it. If it doesn’t — if it’s too common of a word — take it out. Discretion is the better part of hashtags.

Capitalization, lack thereof

Good and bad hashtag capitalization. The first and last hashtags are easily readable. The middle one is a little bit tougher than it needs to be.

The other big way hashtags irritate me is with their lack of capitalization. I’ve included a couple of examples in this post, including at the top and to the right.

I’m not one to complain if someone uses and extremely long hashtag. But those extra-long hashtags need one thing: Each word capitalized. Otherwise, it’s nearly incomprehensible to read.

The problem for me when hashtags are not capitalized is I have trouble immediately comprehending where one word ends and another begins. That’s why it bothers me so much; I can’t read those hashtags.

Your turn: How do you think hashtags should be reformed?

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