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Defeating Self-Doubt

Day 23 :: the self doubt is crippling

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Meredith_Farmer

Self-doubt can be a helpful tool, but usually it’s a dangerous trap.

That’s why you need to defeat it.

For me, self-doubt can creep in and destroy the best of my intentions. And I know I’m not the only one like this. That’s why you just have to take that self-doubt and tell it to buzz off.

Using my words for 2012

So when I think about my 3 words for 2012, I remember how passion and challenge can help me do just that.

With passion, I can lean on interests and use them to build my confidence to such a level that self-doubt cannot cripple. I will watch self-doubt growing smaller and smaller, until it is just a speck on the horizon.

With challenge, I can take self-doubt head on, watch it cower in fear as I tackle new endeavors and push my personal boundaries. I will watch self-doubt wither in pain after I crush 2012, leaving no room for it to grow.

Go on, defeat it

A tip: Don’t allow room for self-doubt to grow. Do what you love, and give yourself new opportunities to grow. If you do those things, self-doubt will not be able to take hold.

Instead, what you’ll have is confidence, renewed self-assurance and untold happiness. That’s worth it.

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