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How I’ve Grown My Brand

I’ve been on Twitter for about 2 1/2 years now, and when I look back at when I was signing up for an account, I’m happy.

There’s an interesting reason for that. When I was signing up for an account, the name I wanted (danpolley) was taken. There are other Dan Polleys in the world, and one had that name reserved.

Instead, I signed up as polleydan.

Finding my brand name

That’s an important way — and an unintended one, no less — in how I’ve grown my social presence. That signing up process inadvertently led my to my brand name, polleydan. Now, if you want to find me on any network, just search for polleydan.

The moniker polleydan has become how other people know me and even how I’ve come to think of myself. I frequently say polleydan in everyday life, and my wife refers to me that way, too, although she’s been doing so since before my Twitter name.

Helping others, anytime

One important way I’ve grown my social presence is to help people anytime. Sometimes that’s just by providing encouragement when someone posts a discouraging sentiment. At other times it means help spreading the word about an event, volunteering for an event or providing comfort to those who need it.

It even can be just providing affirmation for someone who seeks it.

Updating frequently

Perhaps the most important thing is the frequency of your presence. It seems straightforward, but I don’t think everyone takes it into consideration. After all, if you’re not on social sites, it’s tough to grow your brand.

That’s one of the reasons this blog’s readership has not grown as much as my other networks: I haven’t updated it in quite some time and haven’t done so with regularity.

If you want to build it, whatever it is, you need to invest time into it.

Exploring new networks

Another pillar of my brand’s presence is exploring new avenues and opportunities to connect through social networks. I signed up for Google+ early on and have enjoyed the tech, photography and other circles I’ve connected with on there. Pinterest has been a great way to explore new things and people.

Other networks that I’ve enjoyed include GetGlue, DailyFeats, SkillShare and Untappd.

Plans for 2012

There is one thing that I want to do less with my brand’s presence. I sometimes post about myself a bit too much, and I’d like to do that less. Instead I want to focus more on growing connections by engaging in conversations and sharing only the personal content that I think others would love.

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