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7 Genius Pinterest Boards

Cabot Cheese's Farmers & Farms Pinterest board

If you have any doubt, let me assure you: 2012 is the year of Pinterest. The social visual bookmarking site has grown exponentially in the past few months — its growth rivals that of Facebook — and I don’t see it stopping.

Some of these boards are unique in their subject while others are not as original in their topics. Yet they offer a genius look about content you can curate on Pinterest.

Amper-sandwiches by Ben Silbermann

Ben is a Pinterest founder, and this board is full of ampersands, one of my favorite punctuation marks. You don’t have to be a grammar snob to love the beauty of the different typography, color and media.

Brands, Businesses & Blogs on Pinterest

This multi-contributor board is straightforward: It contains pins of brands, businesses and blogs Pinterest profiles. There’s a lot of fashion brands, but it’s not just that. This board was how I found about Cabot Cheese, which has a board mentioned below.

My Utah Foodie Community by VintageMixer

This one is of particular interest to me, as one of my other blogs is a food blog. The board curator takes food created by the Utah food blogging community and pins it on this board. This is a great idea to harness local eating campaigns, as followers who are from the area will be able to see what is in season.

Artists on Etsy.com

We can talk about Etsy, sure, but if you haven’t heard of it, you should just check it out. This board is a compilation of amazing art, intriguing handmade objects and stunning photography.

Precious Puppies by Wellness Natural Pet Food

There’s a lot of cute animal boards, and I’m partial to the puppy ones since I have two dogs. This is one of my favorite puppy boards as all of the pins are adorably repin-worthy. I dare you to look into those puppy eyes and not want to follow.

Farmers & Farms by Cabot Cheese

This is my favorite board on this list. Cabot curates this with photos of farms and farmers. It’s unclear whether all of these are farmers who are a part of Cabot, but I assume so. Regardless, it’s a great idea to humanize an integral part of the food system — and the photos are beautiful.

Architecture by Design Milk

If you follow the Design Milk blog, you’ve been privvy to a plethora of amazing architecture and interior design pictures. And if you’ve wanted to see those awesome photos all in once place, you can do so now with this board.

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