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Why Oust.Me Saved Foursquare


A screenshot of Oust.me, featuring one of my territories (red) and the territory of someone else (grey).

I’ve been a Foursquare user for a few years, and my interest has been waning in the past year, as others have already discussed.

I, however, didn’t fully quit Foursquare. Instead I simply checked in at select locations, ones that were badge-eligible, ones where I was mayor or close to it, or ones where I knew my friends would be.

In essence, I slimmed down my Foursquare checkins.

But that’s changed with Oust.me. It makes a game of your checkins. Sure, Foursquare gives you points for checkins and other things, but this add-on is better.

What the site does is take your geolocation checkins (Gowalla and Facebook Places included) and put them on a Google map. Then, it takes three of your checkins less than 2 kilometers from each other and builds a territory. If you territory intersects with another, a level of influence is taken into account. The best part is that it does this automatically after you sync it with your geolocation service.

It’s gotten me to check in to venues that I would normally not check in from because it didn’t pertain to any of the three criteria listed above.

Yeah, I know. Not every social media channel has to have a game component, but this one is no work, all fun. So settle down and let’s play!

(I have not been contacted by or compensated for my opinions above.)

  1. July 21, 2011 at 9:05 am

    It’s still in private beta, so I’m not sure it’s really “saving” Foursquare just yet.

    Related: What the hell is with all these companies doing “private betas” lately? Just launch the damn product already.

  2. July 21, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    @dan: thanks for your post! Oust.me team really appreciate that! And we are preparing some major upgrades in near future

    @tom: private beta is just a state – while we test and polish system 🙂

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