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Features I Want in Google+

My Google+ profile

If you’ve been paying even the slightest attention to social media in the past month, you know the biggest story is the launch of Google+, Google’s social network.

I’ve been on the network for more than two weeks now, and overall, I’m loving it. There are a few features (hangouts, for one) that I haven’t tried out, but have heard great things about. But what I want to do is list a few features I would love to see with Google+.

  • Business pages: This is the biggest one for me, and I know Google is working on it. As much as I love Google+, until they roll out business pages or profiles, it will remain a second-tier network for me. My main ones are Twitter and Facebook, of course, and I’m able to interact with brands and businesses there and get information and deals. Let’s get open for business, Google+.
  • Sparks tweaks: This feature is supposed to integrate interests and make social sharing easier. Instead, it’s ignored by me. I think my problem with it is the links it pulls up are either not relevant enough or aren’t descriptive enough before jumping through the link. A few tweaks to correct those issues might make this a more relevant feature for me.
  • Better sharing descriptions: Circles are an amazing feature, and having the ability to easily group connections makes social sharing better. But even I have had times understanding who can see my shares when and what “Incoming” is. But I’ve seen better descriptions made by Google+ users. Google should adopt some of these and use them to help new users.
  • Instant collapsible threads: If you follow any of the heavy users on the service, you’ll know that responses to their threads can come quickly and constantly. That’s why Google+ needs a better and quicker system to institute collapsible threads. Sure, you can refresh and they’ll be collapsed, but I don’t want to hit refresh constantly. Collapse threads quicker so I don’t have to scroll constantly (updated 7/18/11).
As I continue to delve into Google+’s offerings, I’ll update this with other suggestions. In the meantime, what would you like to see on Google+?
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