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Lessons Learned from Angry Birds

Angry Birds 27" iMac

Creative Commons photo courtesy of astroot

In the past month, I upgraded to a smartphone. (I bought a Samsung Mesmerize.)

One of the first apps I downloaded was Angry Birds. I’ve been playing it a ton, as you no doubt would expect. And while I’ve been playing it, there’s been a few thoughts that have popped into my head about taking how I play the game and applying it to life.

Form a game plan

If you just keep pushing buttons, maybe you’ll hit the jackpot — and maybe you won’t. So instead take stock of what’s at your disposal and what goal you’re trying to achieve. Then see if you can find the path of least resistance between the two. The jackpot will come quicker this way.

Failure is OK

Really. Don’t worry if you don’t clear a level on the first time (or second or third). Success is not everything. You’ll be fine. Just take a deep breath and regroup. Above all else, make sure you …

Learn from your mistakes

You’re not going to complete each level on the first try. Likewise, you’re not going to complete a level if you keep doing the same thing every time. Hint: It’s not working. Use what you’ve seen to modify your game plan and develop a new strategy. That’s when you’ll head to the next level.

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