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My Ideation Process

Light Bulb

Photo courtesy of John Poulos

Recently I’ve read a lot of posts about people writing about their ideation process, and I found the posts intriguing.

That’s mainly because I don’t have an ideation process. This blog is not my paycheck; my job is. So I devote the majority of my working brain to that job.

My ideation process for this blog is sporadic. As I encounter situations that might make a good post, I write them down. That’s my normal process.

But when I had a week of vacation recently, I went about it a little differently. That time, I sat down for about 30 minutes and just thought up ideas, whether they were good or bad.

That was enjoyable, and I ended up with a lot of workable ideas. It’s a process that I’ll try to re-create more often.

How do you come up with ideas?

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