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Google Customer Service Fail

It’s no surprise that customer service can often be more important than whatever a company sells. So when there’s a customer service issue that doesn’t get solved, it can lead to frustration and anger.

That’s where I’m at right now with Google.

I use a lot of Google services, and I’ve come to love them all. They make my life easier and allow me the freedom to pursue other interests with my spare time.

But that has been changing in the past few months as I’ve uncovered some frustration in my attempts to use Google products to optimize my time.

All of my complaints, actually, involve no longer getting daily automated messages from certain Google products: Analytics and Calendar. (I had thought I had found some frustration in Picasa, but I found what I was doing wrong.)

I’ve tried to tweet a couple of times (as seen above) to Google products to see if they can find a solution, but I have not heard any response.

I did not change the settings for getting the automatic daily emails. I’ve also tried adding another daily automated email, but that has not worked either.

So, does anyone know how I can correct this?


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