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The two social media metrics

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If you’re a community manager, you’re probably hearing a lot about social media metrics and how to measure your social media campaigns and efforts.

And I like to read others’ thoughts on different metrics and how they can be used to give you a better grasp on your social media picture.

In the end, though, I often find that stuff to be fun, but not necessary. For me, it really boils down to two things: replies and retweets.

So: Why these two metrics?

Let’s start backwards, with retweets. (Keep in mind that these are the two metrics that matter to me in my community manager role.)

Retweets: These interactions show that a brand has a message that is important enough for users to share with other users. It shows that people are listening, that they are paying attention to my brand. Retweets are usually in response to being helpful, to being thoughtful, to being engaged. Really, they’re a high form of compliment, since they often can be broadcast messages.

Replies: These interactions are the bread and butter of social media. Am I engaging? Replies can tell you. They can also tell you how engaging you’re being. Do you broadcast a lot of messages, but receive only a few replies? Then your tactics aren’t working. Do you post a little, but receive a lot of replies? You’ve got a community, Mr. (or Mrs.) Community Manager. By receiving replies, it lets me know that other users find my brand important enough to listen, to engage with.

Yes, I’ll continue to read about mathematical computations that show how social media efforts are paying off. But I’ll still rely mainly on retweets and replies.

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