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Unintended Consequences

Superman on olive

Photo courtesy of elinar

I was watching an animated Superman movie recently.

What an icon.

Truth, courage, strength.

But not everything is as perfect as the Man of Steel. In the movie, Superman saves the day (as he is wont to do) by throwing some object into the nearby body of water.

That’s when I got to thinking about unintended consequences.

Sure, Superman saved the day (hooray!). But what about that junk at the bottom of the water? And it’s not the only junk he’s trashed down there, either.

Think of all the years that Superman has been in existence in the comic books (since 1938) and think of all the wreckage and destruction he has caused while trying to save Metropolis.

Noble? Yes, but no less destructive.

It’s important to remember that even with the most altruistic of actions, unintended consequences exist.

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