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Thoughts on #newtwitter

#newtwitter has been out for a couple of months now, and I’ve been using it nearly exclusively for tweeting with @polleydan, my personal account. It’s time to deconstruct the changes and see what’s good and what’s bad.

The Good

The interface: I love the new interface, especially the new tweet box function (press “n” anywhere to bring it up). And most of everything I need — @ replies, searches, lists — are available right at the top of my tweetstream. Love it.

The pop-out panel: I’m not sure if there’s a better term for this, but the panel that pops out when you click on a tweet, profile or media link? I love not having to navigate from my tweetstream to view it. A vast improvement from #oldtwitter.

The Bad

Direct messages: Ugh, this is the change I hate most. Take the status bar lining the top of the page, a part of which is pictured above. You can see the light under “Home,” indicating I have new tweets in my stream. I don’t know if Twitter has used the same mechanism for “Messages,” but if they have, I haven’t seen it. (It could be a #newtwitter bug, such as the massive number of users whose tweet counts were reset recently.) So I have no way of immediately knowing if I have a new DM.

Scheduled tweets: I wish Twitter would incorporate scheduled tweets. I use them quite often, and it’s a nice value-added feature for clients.

The verdict

The features that I wish Twitter had were not available on #oldtwitter, so you can see why I heavily favor #newtwitter over it. I even use #newtwitter instead of my favorite client, Hootsuite. With that said, I still rely on Hootsuite for the functionality I need that #newtwitter doesn’t provide.

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