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#FollowFriday: Oct. 15

It’s that time of the week again: Time to reflect on the coming weekend and what’s happened during the past work week.

@magirck: I erred in neglecting her from last week’s #FollowFriday. She was also instrumental in helping to bring the @GumboGitDown to fruition. A great event came because of her work, and a good cause was helped in the process.

@SharifRenno: Another one of Milwaukee-area tweeters making a difference through networking. I had a great time meeting new people at the #WaukeshaTweetup he helped produce a few months ago. I know I would have had a similar time at the #AGTweetup yesterday had I gone (he also helped with the planning of that event). (There was the #TosaTweetup in between the two, too!)

@KatieFelten: Another must-follow tweep who is an ace in networking. She’s helped out a ton with a lot of tweetups, and it’s always good to see her. And this week, she was a Milwaukee cheerleader on local newscasts for reaction from the AJBombers “Food Wars” episode. If you aren’t following her yet, remedy that today.

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