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#FollowFriday: Sept. 24

Welcome to my first #FollowFriday (or #FF) on my new blog. There’s certainly a ton of tweeters to choose from, but I’m going to provide a few that have provided inspiration or imparted wisdom on me recently (whether they knew they were doing so or not).

I wasn’t able to attend the #saveteecycle event last weekend, but it’s impossible not to mention a few people who were key to the success of the event. (If you don’t know what #saveteecycle is, stop and read thisthis, this and this.)

@bootyp: Katie is one-half of the brainchild behind the event. The story has been detailed elsewhere, but after pitching in to help the Cigelskes (@TeecycleTim, @TeecycleJess and family), she and Sue launched the plans for the live Twitter event that showcased the outpouring of support from the Milwaukee community.

@SueSpaight: Sue was instrumental in the success of the event, and worked with Katie in launching the benefit last weekend. I can’t adequately convey how awesome and inspiring their actions are.

@WilliamRyanRE: Craig was able to help defray a lot of the costs for rebuilding the Cigelskes’ home. It’s amazing looking at the damage and realizing just how fast he and the workers were able to repair the house and let the Cigelskes back home.

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