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Bridging the social media divide

This is such an interesting question. And, to be honest, one I never thought about. But after @kammerait posted this, I started thinking about it.

Recently at work I helped a couple of coworkers start personal and professional Twitter accounts. And as I was helping them do so, I could tell they had very little knowledge about Twitter. But, thinking back a year to when I decided to step aboard the Twitter train, I realized I was in their position.

And I know that as I’ve grown as a Twitter user, I’ve grown as a social media news consumer. And my coworkers are in the spot now that I was a year ago. And I think they’ll eventually learn more and their knowledge base will expand.

I think what’s more likely happening is that there are just more social media newcomers than there are social media veterans. And as the waves of newcomers continue to absorb into the social media stream, they’ll learn and hear it again and again.

What do you think of the social media divide?

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