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Why I’ve become an @dailymile fanatic

I joined dailymile last week. It’s a social network for runners, walkers, cyclists, triathletes and more. Since I’m a sucker for social networking, and I’ve been wanting to ride my bike more often, this was the perfect confluence of timing in my life.

The thing I love the most about dailymile?

The motivation tool, which lets you interact with your friends and help push them to meet their goals. My goal is pretty steep, I think, considering it’s been about a year since I rode my bike. I want to log 500 miles on my bike by the end of September.

Since I started on July 3, that’s 90 days in which to bike 500 miles, a per-day average of 5.55 miles. In 10 days so far, I’ve ridden 18 miles, meaning I’m about 37 miles behind where I should be at this point.

Am I worried? Well, maybe just a little.

But I have no doubt that dailymilers will help motivate me to my goal. It’s going to be hard, but it’s certainly attainable. And social networking will help me to achieve it — that’s why I love dailymile so much.

Without social networking, I never would have been motivated by @krittabug to sign up for the @dailymile service in the first place.

You can find me on dailymile here.

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